Join me each Monday

as I find inspiration to create a 

page in my art journal.

Grab your own art

journal and join me

or just sit back and

watch the process.

Catch a Dream

Stop being the one

who gets caught in the Dream


You are the Dream Catcher

What dream will 

you catch next?

Join me and guest host Don Jose Ruiz

 in this online

course and learn

a unique, fun way to

manifest your dreams by 

creating your very own 

Dream Catcher.

A-Muse Me


Watch for this class coming soon



Paint Yourself Free

Mandala Power

Take this four week long journey

into your inner world.

Learn how to listen to your intuition,

Be the designer of your own life, 

find the truth of who you truly are,

a unique and powerful creator.

Use this fun and playful intuitive process to find your way into the space in between where all things are created.


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