I Paint for Me

May 19, 2018

I make a painting for ME…Nobody else.

Perhaps my paintings are not in a museum or on the cover of a magazine.

I don’t mind, it all came out from process, Myself, My truth, My process. 

Creation is never ending and all encompassing. 

There is no wrong way to do it.

Success, what is it?

Is it making millions of dollars from one single painting or is it making millions of paintings from one single dollar? 

Is it being happy in the process, following your heart, knowing that time is infinite and there are no mistakes?

Opinions… someone’s opinion, all from a human just like me ... opinions. 

Keep your opinions, 

loose your opinions, 

knowing they are just opinions. 

Illusions … beautiful stories, stories created by the human mind.

Wonderful illusory opinion.

Research, education, I have done all of it, years of it, again and again and perhaps they can add to your opinion, but it’s just an add or an ad.

My truth comes from process… 

I make a painting for ME… nobody else.

I can be seen in small print or behind the scenes, because I don’t need approval.

I can be in the back of the line because I enjoy the process of moving forward.

If I live for the end, the success, the profit, I will never get there. 


Life is a process and the process continues every day, every moment.

I paint for ME 

The process is what brings me joy. 

The process is what teaches me to enjoy. 

It’s the blank canvas and the unknowing of what’s going to come out that teaches me to live in the moment, to be fearless.

What’s going to manifest in this moment? 

Is it going to come from my heart, or from an outside opinion? 

What colors are going to bleed, and drip and brush their way into creation, a perfect creation from MY TRUTH?

Am I going to wonder and worry about what others might think?


The blank canvas could care less about opinion.

I am the blank canvas,

I am going to bleed and drip and brush my way into whatever creation I choose. 

After all … 

I paint for ME.




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