It's Nothing Personal

January 9, 2019



“Don’t take things personal” is one of The Four Agreements, a book written by my wonderful teacher and father-in-law don Miguel Ruiz. This book and it’s simple and profound agreements has helped and changed the lives of so many people all over the world. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it!

What I’ve learned from don Miguel about not taking things personal is that what others say or think about you is never really about you.  It can’t be about you because the person with the opinion does not really know you. Nobody truly knows you. So the opinion is usually about them and they are projecting it on you.  I’ve found the easiest way for me to not take them personal is to just not agree with them. Don’t believe them. Like don Jose says, “if you don’t judge yourself, no one else can judge you and all judgements die In your mind.” If you don’t make the same agreement about yourself then you are not validating their opinion inside you. 

Now, do I make an argument with them to prove them wrong? NO!! I’m not going to waste my energy on that! I just simply say, “that’s an interesting perspective” and I move along. 

Another thing I’ve learned is to not take myself personally. That voice in my head that says I’m not the awesome creative artist that I think I am... it’s just the parasite, the tyrant that feeds on negative emotions. Hear it and then don’t agree! Clear your mind and choose to think about something that makes you feel happy and joyful! Just don’t believe it. 

I know it sounds simple but it’s truly a never ending practice of being aware of your emotions and thoughts. Dear ones it’s a practice worth investing your time in. 

It gets easier with practice. You can do it! I’m right here cheering you on!! 😘😘

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