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January 10, 2019




I was watching my little 2 yr old grandson the other day and he was just playing, lining up cars making them crash, making them fly, bringing in the dinosaurs to eat them. He was in a state of timeless bliss. I was just observing with a huge heart, doing my best not to snuggle his cuteness, when I thought to myself “he is creating a World” he was using his imagination, creating his world, creating his own words and his own rules. It was awesome!!! After about 20 minutes I decided to see what he would do if I wanted to be part of his creative little Universe. I asked if I could be the blue car and he said, “no Yai Yai that’s my car”, then he proceeded to get me a car that I could play with. I had to follow his rules but he was flexible in allowing me to create my own part of his Universe if it didn’t disrupt his creation.


I so enjoyed seeing him create. He created without any expectation or worry. He wasn’t concerned about whether it was going to appeal to someone outside of him. Whether someone else might like it, or buy it. But most important he didn’t let any outside influence disturb it. None of these distractions were even an issue. You might respond, “of course not he’s 2”. 


Well I guess what I’m getting at, is we are all born with this innate desire and ability to create our world and somewhere along the road of domestication and education we lose that. We concern ourselves with so many things outside of us that it hinders and destroys our inspiration and muffles out that still small voice we have inside of us. That voice that whispers “you are a powerful creator”. That voice that responds to play and joy and freedom. There must be a reason it shies away from profit, greed, and the need for validation. Perhaps it’s too much pressure?? Perhaps it’s like getting into a relationship with someone who chases and grabs at you and is so needy he/she just can’t live without you. (I’m sure most of us have experienced this). You run like the wind! 


Well I think your intuition or that still small voice is the same way. It loves to come around when it’s about play, purpose, or process. When it’s about creating with freedom of judgement or fear.

Just like my little grandson, if you create with freedom you create with a timeless bliss. Time isn’t a thing and age isn’t a thing and that childlike beauty shines through. No creams, products or injections necessary.


And if you’re wondering my grandson did not get away without getting his cuteness snuggled by his Yai Yai.. I couldn’t help myself. 💋💋💋💋 

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