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January 16, 2019


Change is inevitable so instead of sitting around letting change happen to us, let’s make it happen. This begins by changing our own perception of ourselves and then, like magic, everything around us will change.


We reflect to the outside world what we perceive on the inside. This is evident on those days when you wake up, put on your favorite outfit, which surprisingly fits a little loose today, your hair looks just right, and that new necklace you bought matches perfectly. You eat a healthy breakfast and you walk out the door with a spring in your step. Just a block down the road you are smiling and someone says, “wow you look so pretty today”. You say, thank you and you notice her beautiful smile and her amazing shoes.


We have all experienced this phenomena and simply enough you were both in the same place energetically. Perceiving the world positively and happily but most important perceiving yourself in that same light. In other words, when you came in contact you reflected to each other the beauty you were both feeling. It had nothing to do with anything outside of you.


Look within first when you are ready for a change! 

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