The Beauty of Reverence

January 18, 2019



I think one of the things we have lost in this Culture is true reverence. I was taught to pray as a child but there was no reverence in the prayers. I was praying to a male figure outside of me, he was somewhere in the sky and he was kind of scary and judging me on my prayers.


I learned later on in life that the power is within me. That God is within. This resonated on a much higher level for me. It was a deep diving within that I found true reverence. It was a communing with nature that I found true reverence. When a painting or a poem flows through me with no effort I feel reverence.


When I was in India I saw the beautiful devotion of reverence. The quiet eye contact the softness of their ritual. I tried to capture it in photograph but reverence cannot be captured. So I re-created this photo I took.  It flowed through me so naturally that perhaps my own reverence was captured in this rendition of this beautiful avatar meditating by the Ganges River.


I’m sure everyone has their own way of finding that inner voice that whispers from the inside and brings you closer and closer to love and true beauty. If you are still searching, quiet your mind and look deep within. 

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